Join the Business Services and Solutions Team

By: Danielle Irvine, CPA, CGMA & Carmen George, CPA- Managers

It is an exciting time to be a team member at Holbrook & Manter, CPAs. The Business Services and Solutions Team continues to form new partnerships with businesses that would prefer to have some outside help when it comes to the financial tasks that go along with owning and running a business. With each new client that we welcome into the H&M family, the need to welcome additional professionals to our H&M team follows right behind.

The latest job posting on the careers page of our primary website is for a Staff Accountant to join the Business Services and Solutions Team. This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced professional who is looking for some flexibility in their schedule. This new team member will work 20-30 hours per week and will be asked to spend a portion of their time on-site with our clients. That is one of the elements about H&M’s Business Services and Solutions Team offerings that is very appealing to business owners- if they would like, we will perform their accounting tasks at their place of business. This isn’t always the case, as other owners prefer everything be performed off-site. Our new team member will need to be comfortable with both scenarios.

If you are personable, experienced and looking for a new opportunity that will offer you a flexible schedule, click the link below to read the detailed requirements for this position:

Come be a part of our growing firm! As the co-managers of the Business Services and Solutions Team-  we would love to have you!