Can I do my own books? Yes, and we can help!

Can I do my own books? Yes, and we can help!

 By: Lynn Leitch- Senior Assistant Accountant

Part of what makes our Business Services and Solutions Team so unique is the fact that we can go into any business and take care of just the accounting tasks that the business owner or their staff would like taken off their plate. Often times, we are approached by business owners who have a strong desire to handle the books for their operation all on their own. We think that is great, and our team steps right in and helps them position themselves to truly handle this task in an efficient manner.

Most of the time this is achieved through a software training session. Many times the business owner has a software platform they are comfortable with and we begin the training process right away. Other times, we work with the business owner to identify the software that will be the best fit for them. Once in place, we roll up our sleeves and begin teaching the owner about every feature the software has to offer.  We are Certified Pro Advisors for QuickBooks and we are extremely proficient with software like PeachTree by Sage and Xero, in addition to others.  So, no matter what software you are already using or would like to use in the future, we can be of help.

What can you expect from software training with our team and how long might the whole process take? It is painless, I promise and it doesn’t take all that long for us to set you on the right path. Typically a software training session is from two to four hours. It is customized with your business operations in mind. Before the training, we ask the user (could be the owner or bookkeeper) what they will be utilizing the software for and what information/reports they want to generate. We do this because we don’t want to waste your time teaching you about payroll or inventory tracking if you won’t be using those features in your accounting software. We know your time is important, so we want to focus on the areas that will be helpful to you and will generate the reports the will be meaningful to you to run the business.

Once the training is complete we are always available for follow-up questions via phone call or email. We understand that once you are using the software on a daily basis, you may have questions about topics you forgot to ask during training or there might be features you want to start using. We will continue to help you utilize the software efficiently as your business and needs grow. Whether that means answering your questions quickly over the phone or coming back in for an additional training session, we will be happy to help.

I enjoy helping our clients hit the ground running with their accounting software. My teammates do as well.  Knowing the software you have invested time and money into makes day-to-day operations easier.  Let’s get started today, give us a call!