Having H&M Team Members On-Site Proves Beneficial For Business

By: Annamarie DePrey, Staff Accountant

Holbrook and Manter offers a complete package of services to business owners who are looking for outside professional help with the accounting tasks related to their operation.  This is the area I work in for H&M and I would like to elaborate on my experiences as a team member who works on-site with our clients.

I have been in the accounting profession for numerous years but one aspect of the business I enjoy the most is the relationships you build with your clients.  I enjoy the accounting side of the job, showing the profit and loss monthly, maintaining proper paper work through banking-tax prep-payroll, and observing the increase in revenue when we have assisted clients through company changes, month end reporting, answering the day to day questions but I feel if you want to successfully impact a company it first must start with relationships.

I look at it like putting a puzzle together.  The first piece to the puzzle is figuring which puzzle you want to put together.  I first identify what needs to be done and research how it has been done in the past and look for ideas of how it can be done more efficiently in the future.  Next you must place duties in order of importance.  Second, you must sort all the puzzle pieces and make sure they are right side up.  I listen to what employees are telling me and create solutions to make the process run smoothly.  I am appreciative of every job in the company and try to make myself aware of jobs and their description.  Knowing what people do helps make my job easier because when I am trying to resolve a problem I know who to turn to assist me.  The next piece to the puzzle is putting the puzzle pieces in their proper place.  I try to create a “Team” environment so everyone is heard and everyone works together.  When a “Team” has created a solution, everyone works together to make sure it is successful.  The end result is a completed puzzle or a satisfied company working together as a team.

I have been on assignment with one of our current clients for over a year and have seen huge improvements within the company from the team work provided by Holbrook & Manter.  H&M is responsible for this company’s accounting, payroll and tax preparation for a US local Business, which is owned by an internationally owned Parent Company.  We were able to organize the office to be compliant with State and Federal regulations which included adding a secured filing system on site and properly storing previous tax/personnel/company records.  In addition we are able to properly handle all Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables to keep accounts up to date.  We are onsite three days a week and able to answer client’s questions timely and able to resolve issues quickly.  We also have an entire experienced accounting team to meet additional needs any day of the week.

Having H&M Accountants available and team members  on-site three days a week maintaining all the accounting functions of the business has created a trusted working relationship that has allowed the company to focus on other aspects of the business. A manager for the company weighs in with the following thoughts:

”The major benefit of outsourcing the financial requirements for our US acquisition  is instant access to professional local knowledge, within Ohio, of the financial legislation and best practice at county, state and federal levels. These vary in different regions and countries, and local knowledge is essential to be efficient and compliant in operating a business in the US. We are a publically listed company in another country and transitioning (change management) from the privately owned business to a listed company has taken additional focus in this area to bring in line with our requirements, again greatly assisted by local knowledge. Outsourcing also allowed us to focus on other parts of the business, as the new owner, and not be slowed by getting up to speed with financial details or mistakes; Holbrook & Manter have supported our US business with month and year- end reporting and back filling an accounts role with staff changes. “

The VP of the company had some thoughts to share as well:

“Holbrook and Manter has been a great asset to us as we transitioned our company.  They have supplied outsourced accounting to our company for over a year and we are highly satisfied with their accounting knowledge, expertise, and organizational skills which have allowed us to focus on other business related matters.   Their on-site weekly presence has allowed for consistency in our accounting department which in turn allows for satisfied customers.  In addition to their weekly on-site presence it has created a wonderful business relationship with a large accounting firm whom is available to answer questions anytime of the day.  They also provide our payroll services which alleviates the need to monitor and pay payroll taxes. ”

In conclusion, H&M’s services can reduces cost for a company by having all accounting needs provided and billed only by time provided. Building affective relationships with a client allows a company to focus on running and growing a business and not have to worry about the day to day accounting, payroll or taxes compliance burdens.