How Cross Trained Accountants can be Beneficial to your Business

By: Julie Roe, Staff Accountant

One of the many benefits of working with an accounting firm is the exposure you and your business get to team members who are experienced in many areas. Here are Holbrook & Manter we are encouraged to be cross trained in several different accounting aspects.  I have been cross trained in payroll, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, tax and other areas. I enjoy having knowledge in all of these fields because I can be a full service advisor to peers and clients.  It also means that my work routine is always changing, depending on client needs. I may be working on processing a payroll one day and the next day, I am putting together a financial. 

A cross trained accountant is very beneficial to companies because we can monitor and verify several different aspects of your books.  As I am processing payroll, I will become aware of specialized deductions and benefits that employees have.  This could be health insurance, personal use of company vehicles, etc.  I am able to make sure I handle these items appropriately based on payroll laws. 

If I am responsible for inputting this support into the clients bookkeeping system, I can be sure that everything is going to the correct accounts.  Throughout the year, I can make sure the books are clean and organized making sure that all transactions are being captured appropriately.  This is helpful to the company because they have a real time picture of the status of their business. 

All of this hard work pays off at the end of the year because companies will have an accurate picture of what to expect in regards to filing their taxes.  With clean books, we can typically take the support and effortlessly prepare their taxes.

Working with Holbrook & Manter means you will have a whole team of cross trained CPAs handling your accounting tasks. The peace of mind that comes along with knowing this is invaluable to our clients. Contact us today for more information about our services.