Information on the Ohio BWC Safety Intervention Grant

Information on the Ohio BWC Safety Intervention Grant

The Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation Safety Intervention Grant Program offers potential savings and safer work environments for employers in the buckeye state.  Holbrook & Manter is committed to making sure our clients are aware of the potential savings available to them through this initiative.

According to the Ohio BWC, The Safety Intervention Grant Program is designed to gather information about the effectiveness of safety interventions so they may share the results with Ohio employers. The program is open to any Ohio state-fund or public employer who would like to purchase equipment to substantially reduce or eliminate injuries or illnesses associated with certain tasks or operations.

The program is designed to partner with Ohio employers to establish safety intervention best practices for accident and injury prevention and eligible employers will see a 3-to-1 matching grant. Meaning, the BWC will give $3 for every $1 the employer contributes. This will be capped at $40,000 for each eligibility cycle.

The Ohio BWC shares the following eligibility requirements for a safety intervention grant:

  • Be a state-funded or public employer;
  • Maintain active coverage – not more than 40 days lapsed in the prior 12 months;
  • Be current on all monies owed BWC;
  • Demonstrate the need for safety intervention;
  • Provide two-year baseline data;
  • Have active BWC coverage with past payroll reports (four if a private employer, two if a public employer) for the purpose of defining employer eligibility cycle.

*Employers who participate in a group-rating program or are involved in other BWC-sponsored programs may apply for a safety grant. 

There are several steps involved in applying for this grant program, and once approved, employers will need to be aware of intervention purchases that are not approved for this program.

For complete information on how to apply, to read the eligibility cycle details and to view the Moratorium list and unapproved purchases list, please visit this site:

Holbrook & Manter can assist you in applying for the program and we can help you utilize it in a way that will best benefit your business. Please contact us today.