Our Place or Yours?

Our Place or Yours?

Many business owners that decide to partner with the Business Services and Solutions Team are surprised to learn that we can perform their accounting tasks wherever they would like.

Some owners want things to be very out of sight out of mind when it comes to the financial matters of the business. Not to say they aren’t aware of or passionate about the money matters of the business, they would just prefer that things such as payroll, compilations and tax preparing be done outside of their four walls. We can do that. Any service we provide to clients can be performed remotely and many choose to go that route. Thanks to today’s technology, information can easily be shared back and forth as needed and our lines of communication are always wide open for our clients. They are always in the know when it comes to the status of the accounting matters we are handling for them.

On the flip side, many owners enjoy having everything financial in nature kept under their roof. They like the idea of someone visiting their office, performing the tasks within arm’s reach. We are willing to do this as well. In fact, it often times allows us to observe the day-to-day operations of the business from various viewpoints. This leads us to being able to make recommendations for the client regarding best business practices on a regular basis.

Which option is best for your business? This is certainly up to you to decide and there is no right or wrong answer. Maybe it’s a bit of a mix, we’ll be there on-site if and when you need us, and we’ll work remotely when the situation calls for it. Knowing you have options when it comes to working with an accounting firm is the key. That is what the Business Services and Solutions Team offers. Contact us today, we would love to learn about your business.

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