Compiled Financial Statements & Write Up Services

An organized, official financial statement can help instill confidence in current stakeholders, attract new investors and even give you a much needed look in the mirror at your current records. Holbrook & Manters Business Services & Solutions Team specializes in business compilation services and other financial write-up services to help give you a broad look at your organization’s performance.

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Keeping Costs Low & Confidence High By Outsourcing Accounting Duties

A business compilation helps you gather and present necessary financial information into the established standard financial report format. This resource demonstrates a relationship with an outsourced CPA and a grip on financial record – both of which may help a small business secure an additional loan.

When you don’t have an in-house accountant, we can handle the bookkeeping and prepare your small business financial statements, like balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and statements of retained earnings. Handing over your financial statement and bookkeeping needs to Holbrook & Manter’s team can help you reduce stress and frustrations related to accounting.

The Core Differences Between Compilations, Reviews & Audits

A compilation is simply a presentation of financial statements based on information given to our team from management with minimal verification of accuracy.

A review adds a bit more accountability and fact-checking into the mix without getting too deep into the details. This level of service offers a greater level of assurance and accuracy than a simple compilation.

An audit engagement requires research, corroboration and a great amount of assurance/confidence from the accountant. Our team will deeply examine internal controls/procedures, source documents and independent confirmation documents. In some cases, our team may perform physical inspections.

The good news? We also offer in-depth review and business audit services!

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