Preventing Gaps In Productivity With Professional Staff Shadowing Services

Stop and think about how your business would be affected if one of your key employees vacated their role. What if your CFO has a family emergency and is off for a period of time? Think about how your day-to-day operations would be affected if your bookkeeper suddenly quit. Are you prepared for your controller to go on extended maternity or paternity leave? These are just some of the scenarios where H&M’s Staff Shadowing can come into play and save the day.

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What Does Staff Shadowing Look Like?

Staff Shadowing involves having our team learn the ins and outs of vital roles within your operation. We can do this as a safety net just in case roles are vacated, or we can step in after the role opens up and complete the exercise. Either way, as a business owner, you will be glad you have us on your side in these types of situations.

During this process, our qualified team observes and interviews the team member they are shadowing to get a better understanding of what tasks are associated with their job. They learn their duties from top to bottom. Something you, the business owner, likely don’t have time to do. This process is executed within a matter of days and can be done on-site or remotely.

There When You Need Us – For As Long As You Need Us

Once the shadowing portion is complete, we do everything from helping to create a manual that covers the elements of the key team members’ role, to offering best practice suggestions. We make sure proper checks and balances are in place. From there, we are able to seamlessly step in and fill the role when needed, either permanently or on a temporary basis if the employee plans to return to their role at some point. Should you need to move on and rehire for the position, we can help train and onboard your new employee, saving you valuable time and money.

Reach out to us today for more information about our Staff Shadowing services. There is no doubt you will be happy you invested in this exercise.

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