Business Accounting Services for a Variety of Sectors

Our team understands that there’s no simple, one-size-fits-all approach to payroll management, financial planning and accounting for businesses. Each industry demands a different approach. Each client deserves a custom and comprehensive strategy to financial success. Our team has worked with companies and organizations in a vast array of different industries, which has allowed us to accumulate the necessary resources, experience and personnel to properly fit your accounting needs.

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The BSST team understands and appreciates the hard work that goes into maintaining an agribusiness. We help you make accurate annual projections, manage cash flow, purchase assets, establish a reliable budget and understand some of the tricky standards and regulations associated with accounting for farmers, such as Section 179 Deductions and Tangible Property Regulations.

Closely-Held & Family-Owned

H&M has a team of family business accountants ready to handle some of the unique obstacles that come with running a family-owned operation. We work to maintain business profitability, draft buy/sell agreements and meet taxation obligations, while respecting your family’s rich history and sticking to your core values.


From inventory and asset management, to improving project controls, to enhancing your construction company’s profitability long into the future, our team has great experience in the construction accounting field and we are ready to build a working relationship today.


The need for proper accounting services in the healthcare industry has increased dramatically over the past decade. As regulations and standards change, much of the responsibility is taken out of the steady hands of the physicians and dentists and outsourced to professional healthcare accountants. We help new and established firms effectively manage payroll, analyze revenue cycles, minimize overhead costs and prepare budgets to ensure profitability.


From hotels, to restaurants, to travel agencies and conference centers, Holbrook & Manter is ready to address the concerns facing businesses in the hospitality sector. Some of these services include: internal control auditing, payroll management, benchmarking, bookkeeping, expert witness testimony and more.


Since 1919, H&M has worked directly with manufacturing operation partners to ensure long-term financial success. From establishing agreed-upon procedures, to CFO assistance, to tax services (compliance, planning & strategy), our team is ready to build a transparent foundation of trust, longevity and affluence with your organization.


Non-profit organizations undergo a very unique set of regulations when it comes to tax compliance. There are a lot of barriers that must be overcome and a number of challenges that come with auditing, bookkeeping and fiscal reporting for these groups. BSST’s accountants have the experience and training to meet all your non-profit financial management requirements.

Professional Services

The majority of clients we have worked with in this realm are architects, lawyers, consultants and engineers. We are well-versed in the fields of financial planning, auditing and business valuation, especially when it comes to these professional services. We will leverage all of our available resources to promote your success.


The professional accountants at Holbrook & Manter help streamline your entire revenue flow. When you partner with us, our team actively works to reduce overhead costs, ensure compliance, analyze annual projections, create a stable budget and improve the overall financial performance of your retail company.

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