Self-Employment & Business Tax Planning, Preparation & Filing Services

Taxes – they may be necessary, but they sure can be painful! Holbrook & Manter’s team can properly prepare and file your business taxes so you can breathe a little easier and focus on perfecting your operation – no matter if you’re a self-employed entrepreneur, Partnership Owner or S Corporation CEO.

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Comprehensive Tax Compliance:

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Protect Your Business, Bottom Line & Future Despite promises to simplify the tax code, it seems like the federal tax system keeps getting more complex. However, you’ve got a friend in the fight! Our team keeps up with all recent IRS rulings, court decisions and revisions to regulations to make sure you remain compliant.

Beyond achieving compliance, we will also help you

  • Separate business & personal expenses
  • Keep meticulous expense records & file deductions throughout the year instead of all at once (minimizes headaches & missed deductions)
  • Discover & obtain new tax benefits & credits
  • Minimize the claiming of deductions you’re not actually eligible for
  • Establish & implement petty cash best practices
  • Navigate business tax & payroll software programs, like QuickBooks
  • Analyze expenses vs. revenue to help you properly plan for the future

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments: Don’t Be Caught Off Guard By Penalties

The most common tax penalty a small business or self-employed individual can incur is the dreaded “underpayment.”  We can ensure that your quarterly estimated tax payments are made on time and in the right amount, so you don’t have to worry about stacking penalties and interest on top of what you already owe. Get it done right the first time and every subsequent time after!