Implementing a Month End Closing Process

Implementing a Month End Closing Process

By: Joee Brandfass, Senior Assistant Accountant 

Good financial practices are key to the success of your business, but too many businesses fail to implement them. Most business owners know that poor financial management is a major cause of poor business performance and growth, but still fail to carry out the financial tasks that are necessary to keep things running smoothly and successfully.  This blog looks at ways to implement these practices.

Begin by creating a month end close process with your accountant. This is done to prevent lost revenue, poor tax planning and missed financial opportunities.  Beware…waiting until the end of the year to close out everything is often an overwhelming process. Trying to evaluate an entire year’s worth of transactions is a tedious process and often it is too late to do anything about any events that happened earlier in the year.

Try these tips for a streamlined month end close:

o   Create a detailed closing schedule. Refer to this schedule often to keep yourself on task.

o   Create a closing procedure with checklists- this will keep you from missing important steps.

o   Conduct a pre and post close meeting focusing on the status of any open items from the last close and any open items that need address from the current close and create a plan to complete these tasks.

o   Analyze data from month to month focusing on any item out of the ordinary and use this as an opportunity to discuss with your accountant instead of waiting until year-end tax preparation.

Our team helps many of our clients with this process. Clients of all sizes from all types of industries. Most are amazed at just how much following a monthly process can benefit their business. We would be happy to help you get started. Contact us today.