Intuit QuickBooks Phishing Scam Surfaces

Intuit QuickBooks Phishing Scam Surfaces

Users of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software need to be aware of a new scam that could put their device at risk.

The Better Business Bureau Northwest¬†reports users that become targets will receive an email with the title, “QuickBooks Support: Change Request” listed in the subject line. The email states that it is from Intuit and is meant to confirm that a business name change has taken place. The email provides a hyperlink for the victim to click on in order to cancel this request. If you receive this email and open it, do not click on the hyperlink. Once clicked, the link takes the user to a site that downloads malware to their device. This malware allows access to personal information such as passwords stored on the device.

To read the BBB’s statement about this scam and for tips on how to stop phishing scams, click here:

H&M is aware of this scam and we are standing by to help any of our clients who end up becoming a victim. If you feel as though you have been targeted or if you have any questions, please contact us right away.

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