Job Shadowing at Holbrook & Manter

From time to time, we have students from local schools visit our offices to see what it is like to work in public accounting. These students have an interest in the accounting field and spending time with our team allows them to get a hands on feel for the profession. Our most recent high school visitor was nice enough to share a summary of his experience with us:

My name is Josh Underhill. I am currently a senior at Fairbanks High School. I have been lucky enough to be able to job shadow at Holbrook & Manter in Marysville. So far into my job shadowing I have completed the QBO Project. The QBO Project was an online education exercise that completed bookkeeping for a landscaping company. Some of the tasks I completed were setting up services on the websites for the company, purchasing supplies, and sending bills to customers. I would also deposit checks from the customers into the company’s bank accounts. While completing the project I started to learn the basics of accounting and the way businesses operate financially. What I really enjoyed about the project was looking at and building financial forms, like Balance Sheets and Accounts Receivable Aging Summaries. I always enjoyed learning how to prepare bills and make payments. While I did run into tough problems on the project, I was able to figure out the problems and navigate through Quickbooks. The QBO Project was a great way to learn the basics of accounting. This job shadowing experience so far has been great. I already have a better understanding of what CPAs do and the work it takes to become one.

Thanks for spending time with us, Josh! We encourage you to continue to explore the accounting field!