QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021

By: Natalie Bruns, CPA, MBA- Manager

In addition to QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Pro 2021 improvements, Intuit has also added new features for only Enterprise Subscriptions.  Below is a list of some of the 2021 improvements.

  1. Data Level Permissions – Intuit has updated the user roles within QuickBooks Enterprise to assign to different users.  This includes allowing users different access to different groups of customers, vendors, or data that pertain to that user’s job responsibilities.  To change user roles, you must have admin access.  This is accessible through Setup Users and Roles within QuickBooks.
  2. Delete Sales Orders in Batches – This feature is only accessible for accountant users.  It allows accountants to delete or void a batch of sales orders quickly and efficiently, saving either the accountant or bookkeeper time.  Previously, accountants could batch delete invoices, checks, and bills.  Accountant users can access this feature in the accountant section of QuickBooks.
  3. Prices on Barcode Labels – With QuickBooks Enterprise 2021, sales prices can now be printed on labels, in addition to the item name and description.  This enhances shopping for customers.
  4. Vendor Reporting – With the release of QuickBooks Enterprise 2020, users could view vendor pricing and information when purchasing items.  From this, vendor information can easily be added to purchase orders.  With the release of QuickBooks Enterprise 2021, there are now alternative vendor reporting options available in different types of reports, such as the Inventory Valuation Summary.
  5. Required Serial/Lot Numbers – Released in 2020, and enhanced in 2021, users can now require serial or lot numbers to be entered for inventory items.  This requires users to enter a serial number or lot number with each transaction entered.  If one is not selected an error notice will pop up before saving. To enable this setting, users must select the requirement within the Company Preferences of QuickBooks.
  6. Landed Costs – Landed costs were also released in QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 but enhanced in QuickBooks Enterprise 2021.  Landed costs allocate freight, shipping, and other charges to the cost of an item.  With the release of Enterprise 2021, users can now control the calculation of the landed costs, which includes choosing the account the costs are recorded to.

If you have questions about the new QuickBooks Desktop 2021, or would like help upgrading, please reach out to me. I would be happy to assist you.