QuickBooks Tips from Denise: Use Memorized Transactions for Efficiency

By: Denise Smith, CPA, CGMA- Senior Accountant

Do you find yourself making the same journal entry or transaction in QuickBooks over and over?  If so, it may be time to consider using memorized transactions.  Memorized transactions allow you to use less key strokes and minimize the chance of errors, as well as being efficient with repetitive tasks.

Memorized transactions can be used for things like rent, loan or lease payments, monthly bank withdrawals for bill payment, recurring sales transactions, monthly depreciation journal entries, etc. Memorizing a transaction starts by creating a transaction, such as a journal entry for depreciation.  Once you have the journal entry filled in, you click on the “memorize” button, and name the transaction something that you will remember such as “depreciation” or “lease payment”, etc.  Then you will choose whether to have QuickBooks: 

·         Remind you, which will place the memorized transaction on your reminder list with you setting the frequency for daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

·         Don’t remind you, which will place the transaction on your memorized list to be used, but you will need to remember to post the entry or transaction.

·         Automatically enter the memorized transaction or journal entry at a frequency that you create, for example daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

If you need to edit or change the amounts in a memorized transaction, you would just go to: Lists>Memorized Transactions and click Edit in the drop down menu. Transactions that cannot be memorized include payroll checks, time records, sales tax payments or receipts or deposits of payments.

For more information on ways to utilize QuickBooks efficiently, contact the BSST team at Holbrook & Manter.