Tools & Software for Small Business Accounting

When it comes to the management of a small business’ financial future, company owners and accountants across the nation look to innovative, reliable and trusted products and brands to get the job done right. Versatility, user experience, report compilation – these are just a few metrics to consider while shopping around. The Business Service and Solutions Team of Holbrook & Manter, CPAs has researched the options available within the industry and adopted the best as our own tools for maximizing the financial prosperity of our clients.

See our overview of the two most prolific money management software systems used by small business accountants in the industry.

QuickBooks Pro

Major benefits:

  • Intuitive design
  • Web-based & desktop options
  • Financial planning reports

QuickBooks Pro is the gold standard when it comes to small business accounting software. Throughout the years, the company has perfected instinctive design as to offer a fantastic user experience. Virtual orientations and tutorials help to equip the user with all the knowledge they will need to make most of the available tools. The program offers both desktop and web-based/mobile options. While the former has a bit more in terms of in-depth features, the latter offers a convenient, remote alternative. The reporting services offered by QuickBooks are simply incredible. Take a look at previous trends, future forecasts, overall expenses, year-to-year income and much more with these clean and comprehensive reports.

Peachtree by Sage

Major benefits:

  • Customized dashboards
  • Easy to use
  • Internal accounting review function

Sage pulled out all the stops when it developed its Peachtree accounting software. This is a great avenue to travel down if your company is looking for more control and insight to its finances. With intricate custom dashboards and the ability to handle a large amount of smaller tasks in one organized space, the software offers an ease-of-use that is second-to-none. Add to this the internal accounting review function that automatically searches for common calculation mistakes and you’ve got an accounting solution that aims to minimize user error and maximize profit. This program has additional tiers available, each great for handling complex circumstances, such as medical practice billing and accounting for dentists.

Our team believes that the use of major accounting software shouldn’t be limited to just one product. Holbrook & Manter is well-versed with both of the major brands as to give our clients proper advice with handling these advanced money management technologies.