What is it like in the beginning?

We are often asked what a new client should expect when they begin the process of partnering with our firm for accounting assistance. Our answer varies a bit from client to client based on their needs, but the tone is always the same. The tone is always reassuring in nature. We want new clients to know that our top goal is to start things off on the right foot, making the transition to working with us a seamless one.

Each new relationship begins with an investment on our part. We will work to get to know you and your business…. the current state of the business… your goals for your business moving forward, etc. We will take a look at how the accounting matters are currently being handled and make recommedations for executing those tasks in the best possible manner moving forward. From there, we will begin the on-boarding process, officially welcoming you to the H&M family. This is where we really roll up our sleeves and get to work, all with the success of your business in mind.

Typically, the on-boarding process follows these steps:

  • We hold a strategic planning meeting together to discuss a transition plan and timeline that everyone is comfortable with. 
  • Next, we implement the transition plan with one of our dedicated onboarding specialists. The onboarding phase is critical to provide you with a seamless transition and to ensure the long-term success in the new relationship. 
  • Once the onboarding phase is complete, our team is ready to provide you with the agreed upon proactive and efficient accounting solutions, and work begins. 
  • We revisit the services frequently through the engagement to confirm we are meeting expectations and to see if there is anything else that we can help you with. Communication is frequent and your feedback is always more than welcome.

We often hear from clients that the thought of getting started is what kept them from partnering with an accounting firm in the first place. However, setting the wheels in motion wasn’t as painless as they imagined. And the benefits of the partnership are countless.

Don’t wait any longer to get started! Contact us today and join our client family.