QuickBooks Online Monthly Updates

By: Natalie Bruns, CPA, MBA- Senior Accountant Intuit is striving to keep up with client’s needs and has been developing new features and improvements to serve their users.  They have come a long way in the last couple of years, by not only creating cloud-based accounting, but also creating a cloud-based accounting solution that is … Continued

Blog Series: Real Tips from Real Accountants: Stop Killing your Cash Flow

Some of the accountants that make up our Business Services & Solutions Team are back with the next installment of our blog series, “Real Tips from Real Accountants.” This time we are focusing in cash flow. Team members were asked to address the following for this blog: Share one or two things that business owners … Continued

Real Tips from Real Accountants: QuickBooks Tips

Our blog series that offers real tips from the accountants that make up the H&M team rolls on. In this installment, we focus on QuickBooks. This is an accounting software that is very popular among business owners. Many members of our team are highly proficient in the software and share some of their favorite features … Continued

The Fiscal Facelift

From effective bookkeeping, to updated medical billing & coding, Holbrook & Manter offers plastic surgery accounting services to help grow your practice!

Thinking of Starting a New Business?

By: Linda Yutzy, Administrative Assistant In today’s economy, we see a myriad of businesses that begin with impressive, innovative ideas and products, but they are short-lived and end up closing their doors.  According to the SBA (The U. S. Small Business Administration), almost 80% of new businesses started will survive their first year.  That sounds … Continued

Tax Document Retention Guidelines for Small Businesses

Is your office littered with important documents? Tax returns, receipts, canceled checks and other financial records? Or perhaps your computer desktop is filled with a multitude of digital tax-related files? You’ll find it easier to file your taxes next time around if you cut down on the clutter. To perform a cleanup, call us in … Continued

Loans between a business and its owner

It’s common for owners of closely held businesses to transfer money into and out of the company. But it’s critical to make such transfers properly. If you don’t, you might hear from the IRS. Why loans are better When an owner withdraws funds from the company, the transfer can be characterized as compensation, a distribution … Continued

TCJA Prompting Entity Change for Some Business Owners

TCJA Prompting Entity Change for Some Business Owners For tax years beginning in 2018 and beyond, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) created a flat 21% federal income tax rate for C corporations. Under prior law, C corporations were taxed at rates as high as 35%. Meanwhile, the TCJA also reduced individual income tax … Continued

QuickBooks Tricks to Know

By: Linda Lehman, Senior Assistant Accountant We all use software which may contain helpful features that we are either not aware of or have forgotten about from our initial training. Here are a few of my favorites in QuickBooks… Find What would I do without this handy tool! Let’s say you just entered a transaction … Continued

Proactive Tax Planning for 2019

Proactive Tax Planning for 2019 By: Julie Roe, Staff Accountant As individuals are starting to file their 2018 personal income tax returns, they are discovering the impact the new tax laws have on them. We knew tax reform would bring about some surprises. Many people that have been used to receiving a tax refund are … Continued