QuickBooks Tricks to Know

By: Linda Lehman, Senior Assistant Accountant We all use software which may contain helpful features that we are either not aware of or have forgotten about from our initial training. Here are a few of my favorites in QuickBooks… Find What would I do without this handy tool! Let’s say you just entered a transaction … Continued

Proactive Tax Planning for 2019

Proactive Tax Planning for 2019 By: Julie Roe, Staff Accountant As individuals are starting to file their 2018 personal income tax returns, they are discovering the impact the new tax laws have on them. We knew tax reform would bring about some surprises. Many people that have been used to receiving a tax refund are … Continued

Do you need to file unclaimed funds reports?

By: Chandra Reau, Staff Accountant The answer is yes if you are a business owner in Ohio. The Department of Commerce requires a report each year even if you have no funds to submit.  Consider  and review the following when preparing to file a report:   ·         Are there checks a year or two old … Continued

Hot Service Offering: Accounting Software Training

Hot Service Offering: Accounting Software Training By: Molly Pensyl, Marketing & Business Development Manager  Many business owners choose to use some type of accounting software to assist them with the financial tasks that come along with their day-to-day operations. This is more than a wise decision on their part. It saves them time and navigates … Continued

Join the Business Services & Solutions Team!

The Holbrook & Manter Business Services & Solutions Team is growing and we are looking for the right person to join us. Read the job description below and if you or someone you know could be a good fit, apply today! Accounting Professional Growing public accounting firm seeking experienced accounting professional to join our Business … Continued

The Business Bill of Health

The Importance of Reviewing Your Business’ Financial Statement A financial statement gives a small business valuable information that can used to determine the overall “health” of the organization. It sheds light on cash flow, liquidity, profitability and more. However, without proper review and analysis, the financial statement can become littered with inaccuracies and be rendered … Continued

Small Business Accounting & Your Accountability

How Accounting Firms Help Business Owners Plan For & Make Estimated Tax Payments As a small business owner, you’re the brains behind the entire operation. However, your brain can only possess so much information at once. You can only keep so many Post-It note deadline reminders around the office before it becomes overwhelming and you … Continued

Petty Cash – Best Practices

By: Denise Smith, CPA, CGMA- Senior Accountant Petty cash is defined by Wikipedia as a small amount of discretionary cash funds used for expenditures where it is not sensible to write a check because of convenience and the cost of writing, signing and cashing the check. So, while petty cash is a small amount of … Continued

How Cross Trained Accountants can be Beneficial to your Business

By: Julie Roe, Staff Accountant One of the many benefits of working with an accounting firm is the exposure you and your business get to team members who are experienced in many areas. Here are Holbrook & Manter we are encouraged to be cross trained in several different accounting aspects.  I have been cross trained … Continued